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ZFS Overview

ZFS is a wonderfully powerful software RAID and file system.

ZFS Pool Information Commands

Check the status of ZFS:

zpool status


zpool status <pool-name>

List ZFS Pools:

zpool list

Get all ZFS pool features:

zpool get all


zpool get all <pool-name>

ZFS I/O Performance

Poll the I/O statistics of a pool:

zpool iostat 2


zpool iostat 2 <pool-name>

ZFS File System Commands

List all file systems:

zfs list

ZFS Spare Commands

Add a spare to a specific ZFS pool:

zpool add <pool-name> spare <device>

Remove spare:

zpool detach storage <device>

Allow disk to auto-replace failed disk:

zpool set autoreplace=on <pool-name>

ZFS Replace Disk Commands

Replace disk with another disk:

zpool replace <pool-name> <device-to-replace> <replacement-disk>

ZFS Features

Allow ZFS pool to expand

zpool set autoexpand=on <pool-name>