A whole new look

We purchased our house on July 31, 2017. We had most of it finished by Thanksgiving day. We did all the work except the tile and the countertops.

What's new: Fixtures, vanities, flooring, paint and many other items. We took down two walls and gave things a much more open feel!

Kitchen + Living Room + Powder Room


New counter + cabinets

New stove and appliances

Hey look! No walls!

A Pantry

View from the Dining Room

The whole kitchen

Living Room

No more green

No more arches

Look! No wall!

Dining Room

No more blank wall

Family Room

Same but so new and nice

Powder Room

Rain in the desert?


New Vanity too!

Front Door

Amazing what a bit of paint and molding can do

Master Bedroom

No more stinky

Master Bathroom

New look

Nice new vanity

Guest Bedroom

Barney room all gone!

A castle?

Hall Bathroom

View from the hall

New shower curtain

New Vanity

All new